Compare Two Files to Automatically Proofread Content

Identify hard-to-see differences in text and graphics with GlobalVision digital inspection software.

Two documents overlaid by a window showing the many different document types GlobalVision supports

Compare Layouts with Different File Types

Side by side comparison allows you to detect even the smallest inconsistencies in text and graphics. Compare different layouts to one another without having to worry about conversions. Ensure 100% accuracy between PDF files. Make sure text laid out in a PDF matches the approved Word document.

Icons of file times that are supported. Word Doc, PDF, Excel, Text, XML, HWP

Eliminate Manual Checks

Reduce the number of revision cycles required to get your product to market. Eliminate errors on documents, artwork, and packaging by comparing your sample to an approved file before going to production.

Checkboxes next to a list of the various differences that can be detected by GlobalVision

Generate Inspection Report

Comprehensive inspection reports allow you to review and navigate through all results.
Save and share the report for approval or to send with your proofs.

GlobalVision Text Inspection report

Try GlobalVision for yourself and discover the benefits of switching to digital proofreading

Generate reports of every inspection to track progress and send for approvals.