Artwork Creation Guide

Standardization for Digital Files

In these 11 sections, we cover everything you need for a bulletproof file creation process so you can avoid errors from the start.

Artwork Creation Guide manual

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11 sections, covering everything you’ll need for a bulletproof file creation process.

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Section 1

Integrate new applications and functionality into business processes.

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PDF Creation

Section 2

The purpose of PDF/X is to facilitate graphics exchange.

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Text Formatting

Section 3

Text in a PDF is referenced to a specific font and font size.

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Unicode Standard

Section 4

The Unicode Standard provides a unique number for each character.

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Section 5

A set of printable or displayable text characters in a specific style and size.

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Symbols & Special Characters

Section 6

Symbols and Characters are not typically found in the English language.

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Reading Order

Section 7

Objects are connected by a coordinate system on the PDF page.


Section 8

Creating tables that are accessible to everyone can be challenging.

Right-to-Left Languages

Section 9

Create documents properly featuring right-to-left languages.


Section 10

Ensure easy readability for the visually impaired.


Section 11

Best practices when creating various types of barcodes.