GlobalVision is a Veeva Technology Silver-Certified Partner

GlobalVision + Veeva

GlobalVision’s cloud-based text and graphic inspection platform, Verify, integrates with Veeva Vault PromoMats and Veeva Vault RIM to allow users to run inspections seamlessly in MLR, DAM and RIM workflows.

Run Powerful GlobalVision Inspections on Documents From Within Veeva Vault.

With Verify integrated with Veeva Vault PromoMats and Veeva Vault RIM, users can speed up revision quality checks while ensuring errors are quickly found. Compare and verify multiple versions of documents with GlobalVision-powered inspections that fit seamlessly into existing workflows. Securely transfer files and data from Veeva Vault to Verify, allowing users to perform fast and accurate inspections that detect text and artwork errors without having to download documents. Reviewers can easily evaluate results and prepare annotated PDFs to transfer back to Veeva Vault.

Braille inspection receiving B grade with table showing compatible mediums are labels, cartons, impositions, proofs, leaflets, nested artwork, revisions, and press sheets.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the overall number of revisions and minimize cycle time with improved comparisons.
  • Run automatic inspections between different revisions or new layouts.
  • Easily communicate the necessary changes directly to other team members and departments.
  • Fill the gaps in MLR, DAM, and RIM to reduce the chance of errors being created with every change or handoff.