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Modernize the Review Stages for Fast & Consistent Results

Create content your clients will trust while reducing project delays across all channels with GlobalVision’s proofreading tool for marketing and creative agencies.

Modernize the Review Stages for Fast & Consistent Results

Create content your clients will trust while reducing project delays across all channels with GlobalVision’s proofreading tool for marketing and creative agencies.

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Reduce Delays Caused by Manual Proofreading Between Revisions

GlobalVision helps you maximize productivity while reducing your team’s amount of non-billable hours by keeping projects within time constraints.
Cut down on revision time by automatically detecting errors on all types of content.
Shorten each review stage by digitally comparing versions to catch inconsistencies.
Increase output by reducing the number of repetitive manual revision cycles.

Ensure Consistency and Brand Integrity Across All Channels by Eliminating the Risk of Human Error

Run digital checks in seconds to ensure 100% accuracy on your most important content.
  • Catch errors before they reach your clients with automatic revision checks that detect every difference between files
  • Manage revisions with different layouts and communicate the necessary changes clearly and effectively
  • Work in tandem with document management systems by keeping track of all revisions through comprehensive inspection reports

Meet the Standards of Your Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Clients

Catch critical errors on medical content designed for use in the pharmaceutical and life sciences markets.
  • Meet FDA, CGMP, Annex 11, and ISO requirements
  • Improve your full edit with GlobalVision’s spelling verification module that includes a medical and customizable dictionary
  • Verify that the internally approved version matches printed or live samples

Automation Technology for Every Stage of Your Review Process

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Copy Creation Stage:

Automatically proofread content during the initial cold read to ensure that no errors are introduced as copy is created.

Editorial & Creative Copy Stage:

Compare files to detect any inconsistencies that may have occurred as copy moves between revision stages.

Artwork Stage:

Prevent critical errors from slipping by as artwork is created during the design process.


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Run Web-Based Quality Inspections at Every Revision Point

Automatically catch text, spelling, and image deviations in one complete inspection with Verify from GlobalVision. Verify helps marketing and creative agencies accelerate the approval process by running streamlined inspections as work moves through the asset development process.
  • Seamlessly integrate Verify with your existing workflow, including AMS and other platforms
  • Ensure that work is accurately transcribed from reference materials
  • Enable easy communication between departments and workflows with annotated reports

See What Our Customers Are Saying About GlobalVision

"We use [GlobalVision] graphics comparison for checking between rounds to make sure nothing dropped off between the two versions. But there are definite situations where we fully rely on it… for example when we get vendor proofs back from our vendor, we make sure the file we sent is exactly what we get back from them.”

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How does GlobalVision improve the agency proofreading process?

GlobalVision helps improve the agency proofreading process by reducing revision time, keeping projects within time constraints, shortening review cycles, and automatically detecting any deviations between version changes.

Which GlobalVision products are available for agencies?

GlobalVision’s inspection modules for agencies include:
Graphics Inspection
Text Inspection

What is editorial copy inspection?

Editorial copy inspection is the process of proofreading editorial content to ensure that no errors were created between revisions or version changes. GlobalVision eliminates manual proofreading to ensure that any copy errors are caught before being received by the client.

How do GlobalVision’s inspection tools work?

GlobalVision’s inspection tools digitally compare two files to identify any differences between the two. With GlobalVision, you can verify revised content against approved files for 100% accuracy.

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