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GlobalVision Gives Back

GlobalVision supports various local and global community-based projects through our 4 pillars: Crisis, Education, Health and Technology. Each pillar highlights an area that our team invests in to help create sustainable and impactful change.

At GlobalVision, our business identifies and eliminates errors to enhance the quality of product for our clients. We apply these same principles to the GlobalVision Pillars of Support, where we work to create sustainable and impactful change in local and global communities.

The GlobalVision Commitment is in Our Name

GlobalVision’s Pillars of Support approach community support through 4 practices; Crisis, Education, Health and Technology. Each of these Pillars highlights an area that GlobalVision is committed to supporting and growing.

To learn about the previous and current projects that GlobalVision supports, look through each of our pillars. If you know of a project, group or individual that could benefit from GlobalVision’s Pillars of Support, we welcome you contact us.

GlobalVision Pillars of Support

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Health Support

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Education Support

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Crisis Support

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Technology Support

GlobalVision on Supporting Health Care

GlobalVision invests in healthy community-based partnerships that are impactful to individuals and communities on both a local and global scale. From funding global life-altering medical operations to sponsoring youth sports leagues, there is no partnership too big or too small for GlobalVision, as our commitment is always to deliver impactful, sustainable change. We welcome you to contact us with questions or recommendations for future projects.
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Montreal Children’s Hospital Sponsor

The Montreal Children’s Hospital’s Craniofacial and Cleft Surgery team is dedicated to the treatment of children with craniofacial disorders (affecting bones of the skull and face). The team meets regularly to plan the complex care of our patients and aims to provide the safest and most up-to-date surgical treatment for children. GlobalVision is a proud donor to the Cleft Surgery team, in an effort to ensure that families of children born with cleft lip and/or palate can be reassured that their child will be assessed by a dedicated pediatrician.

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SmileTrain Sponsor

Smile Train is an international children’s charity that provides 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care to children in 85+ developing countries. GlobalVision is a financial donor to Smile Train, helping empower local doctors to provide cleft care across global communities.

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GlobalVision on Supporting Education

GlobalVision invests in educational opportunities to help youth achieve their full academic potential. By offering employment opportunities, scholarships and project-based donations, GlobalVision provides youth with the resources to challenge themselves to achieve their full potential. We hope to grow our educational support from Montreal-based initiatives to global initiatives. We welcome you to contact us with questions or recommendations for future projects.
Summit School Services: a child plays with a toy that teaches about numbers

The Summit School Services

The Summit School services over 550 students in need, from ages 3 to 21, present with a range of difficulties including intellectual disabilities, autism, and/or behavioral and emotional disturbances. At Summit School, students enrolled in post-secondary programs are offered the opportunity to participate in work experiences outside of the school.
GlobalVision has participated in this vocational training program which has proactively helped to promote diversity in the workplace, and positively impact the lives of Summit School students. GlobalVision supports the development and sustainability of programs that foster enriching experiences for students and businesses.

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Concordia Engr-Games Sponsorship

GlobalVision recognizes the efforts of hardworking students and supports their professional development by offering sponsorship on a needs-basis. In 2015, GlobalVision made a monetary donation of $1,000+ to Concordia students who participated in the Quebec Engineering Games. Sponsorship helped cover costs for equipment, transportation and registration.

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Two Concordia Engineering students study together
Group photo of the Northshore Cheerleading team and their coaches

NorthShore Cheerleaders

GlobalVision recognizes the importance of physical activity as a form of maintaining good health. By partnering with local athletics associations, GlobalVision helps provide youth with the ability to join, and remain a part of athletic communities.
GlobalVision has donated $5,000 to the NorthShore Cheerleaders in an effort to help subsidize costs for merchandise, travel and meals. If you are a member of, or know a youth athletic program that could benefit from receiving a GlobalVision donation, please contact us.

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GlobalVision Believes That Crisis Support Saves Lives

GlobalVision invests in compassionate and non-judgemental community-based groups to help provide crisis support. By developing impactful partnerships with important community stakeholders, GlobalVision’s programs are sustainable, offering resources to help reduce stress and enhance life opportunities. We welcome you to contact us with questions or recommendations for future partnerships.
Batshaw Foundation: children gather together over a storybook

Batshaw Foundation

The Batshaw Youth and Family Centres Foundation is a non-profit organization, with a mission to help break the cycle of neglect, abuse and failure experienced by many children aged 0-18 years and their families. The Foundation supports the clients of the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, living on the island of Montreal, when public funds are not available.

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GlobalVision’s Hope Chest

GlobalVision has further committed to supporting youth going into foster care, and youth going into independent living, as both of these life events can leave youth feeling unsure about what’s next. GlobalVision’s Hope Chest aims to provide some relief in the form of material needs and a little comfort in helping to make sure that youth have what they need during these times. GlobalVision aims to grow this partnership with Batshaw in an effort to support as many children and their families as possible, through campaigns aimed at collecting material and monetary donations.

Batshaw Foundation Logo

GlobalVision Emergency Assistance Fund for Children

In response to the growing need for funds, the GlobalVision Emergency Assistance Fund for Children provides $10,000 to the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres Foundation. This money helps respond to emergency needs as experienced by many children.
Two Sisters Orphanage: a group of children sit on benches under a tree.

Two Sisters Orphanage

Two Sisters is an orphanage in South Africa that supports approximately 260 orphans of the devastating AIDS epidemic. GlobalVision supports this orphanage through mailing blankets and other resources in an effort to share warmth and care from abroad.

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OneSky is a global NGO that has transformed the lives of thousands of marginalized children across China, and helped to re-imagine the entire child welfare system. OneSky develops and implements simple, replicable early learning programs that provide nurturing responsive care to thousands of at-risk children each day. GlobalVision is a proud sponsor of OneSky, offering hurt children a second chance at a great life.

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A child and her instructor play a game stacking rolls of tape

GlobalVision Believes Technology Reduces Costs

To help give back, GlobalVision proudly shares their technology with select qualifying groups. If you are looking to reduce your costs, time and materials for your printing and packaging needs, contact us to see if you qualify.
A GlobalVision employee demonstrating the inspection software

Software Donation

Are you an charity, nonprofit or startup? GlobalVision offers select software for free to eligible organizations on a needs basis. If your organization requires a quality control solution for your printing and packaging needs, consider which GlobalVision products best match your projects. Contact us to learn more.