Graphics Inspection

Compare previous artwork files to revised artwork files to inspect graphics and detect any differences.
Make sure all requested changes have been made to the graphics file and no unintended errors have been introduced.

Graphics inspection interface with errors detected such as logo color and missing images
Graphics inspection logo

Detect graphics errors

Two computer windows, one with red dots inside representing different file formats

Compare different file formats

Four identical polygons in a 2 x 2 pattern representing repeats on a press-sheet

Inspect every repeat at once

Icon for graphics inspection report

Graphics Inspection Report

Detect Graphics Errors

  • Check printer proofs against approved artwork files.
  • Digitally overlay the loaded Sample on top of the Master for pixel-to-pixel accuracy.
  • Easily isolate the regions of your artwork you want to check.
Two nearly identical pages side by side with the GlobalVision red square highlighting a difference in the graphics on the pages.
Two page layouts with overlay identifying the many different supported file types

Compare Different File Formats

Detect differences between different file types created during the artwork-creation process.


Files Supported

Icons of the file types supported by GlobalVision: PDF, AI, TIFF, LEN, JPG, DOC

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Two page layouts with overlay identifying the many different supported file types

Inspect Every Repeat at Once

  • Compare multiple sample repeats to a single master file.
  • Review booklets and multi-page documents in one inspection cycle.
A single packaging artwork being compared to it's printed repeats on a press-sheet

Graphics Inspection Report

Generate a comprehensive report to review and navigate through all detected errors.
Save and send the report for approval, and ensure the right people make the necessary changes.

Graphics inspection report


How does GlobalVision Graphics Inspection work?

GlobalVision Graphics Inspection automatically overlays your master and sample files, comparing pixel to pixel to detect any discrepancies between the two. Types of errors you can detect include mis-registration, missing graphics, color differences, and broken text. Request a demo to learn more.

What file formats does GlobalVision support?

GlobalVision supports the following files:

  • PDF
  • TIF
  • LEN
  • JPG
  • DOC

Can GlobalVision inspect individual layers?Down arrow icon

Yes. GlobalVision makes it easy to navigate through different layers and separations of your files to detect all differences.

How do I upgrade from ArtProof?Down arrow icon

To upgrade to Graphics Inspection from ArtProof, click here.