Global Vision Introduces New High-Speed Booklet Inspection Technology

ScanBook integrates with ScanTVS, the acclaimed GlobalVision print inspection solution, to enable users to inspect multi-page documents quickly and effortlessly. Samples can be loaded into the document feeder and left unattended while being scanned. The scan will then be loaded automatically into ScanTVS as a multi-page PDF file to be inspected against a master file.

Commenting on the introduction of ScanBook, Reuben Malz, President of Global Vision explained, “Previously, when clients required inspection of multi-page documents, they would need to manually scan each individual page, a slow and arduous task. With the introduction of ScanBook, users can now just load and scan any size booklet including double sided pages and immediately inspect all text and graphics with ScanTVS, helping to bolster productivity and ensure brand integrity.”

“We recognize the demand in Malaysia for leading edge proofreading tools, and Global Vision is the leader in this marketplace,” explained Terence Tan, General Manager of IAM-Wonderware.” With GlobalVision, we can offer our clients brand packaging security with solutions that fit perfectly into our portfolio.”

ScanBook Highlights

• Fast multi-page inspection system
• Inspects: User guides, manuscripts, bulletins, IFUs and leaflets
• Integrates with the Global Vision ScanTVS print inspection solution
• Scans both sides of a sample simultaneously (Duplex)
• Fast scanning speed: Simplex : 50 PPM, Duplex: 100 PPM
• Color smoothing
• Automatic crop and de-skew
• Intelligent rotation and blank page detection
• Automatically detects multiple size documents
• Thin stock selector (52g/m2) • Hole punch removal • Small footprint

About GlobalVision

GlobalVision is the world leader in the design and delivery of innovative proofreading technologies. Its complete suite of advanced solutions featuring text-based, pixel-based and Braille inspection technologies are designed to eliminate printed artwork, text verification, and text comparison related errors, providing end-to-end security at every stage of the workflow process.

GlobalVision solutions are widely interoperable and have received commercial endorsement from the world’s leading Pharmaceutical, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), and Artwork Management companies. .

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Global Vision has worldwide representation. For more information, please visit