GlobalVision to Host Cannabis Packaging Compliance Seminar

Montreal, Canada – 7 March 2018  – GlobalVision, a leading quality control solutions provider, is pleased to announce it is hosting an educational Cannabis packaging seminar on Friday, March 23, 2018. Taking place at GlobalVision’s Montreal offices and entitled “Packaging Compliance in the Emerging Cannabis Industry,” the complimentary, half-day event will inform and educate attendees as to the regulatory obstacles shaping the sector and what to consider when developing and positioning brand packaging within the nascent industry.

I think this is the biggest opportunity in packaging since prohibition. The similarities are stunning,” said Jamie Goren, who has over 25 years of experience in packaging compliance and will be representing GlobalVision as a panelist. “With the legalization of cannabis in Canada set for this summer, this is a chance to get in the door of a huge industry with best packaging creation practices already in place.“.

Joining Global Vision is CBD Strategy Group President Jenn Larry, who will be moderating the panel. A communications and brand development firm, CBD Strategy Group was formed to help the Canadian cannabis industry.

Over the past year, there has been extraordinary momentum around cannabis as it moves into the legitimized world,” said Larry. “As we arrive at this historical crossroads, we need to ensure all dots are connected so brands can thrive inside the box of regulation“.

Other panelists include Jason Moscovici, and Alison Hayman, attorneys with the law firms ROBIC LLP and Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP respectively. Jason and Alison provide intellectual property, branding, advertising, and regulatory advice to clients entering the cannabis industry. Panelists will range from scientists to brand specialists and patients; Together they will cover many topics, including compliance, cross-border considerations, packaging standards, and branding.

The biggest challenge I find for companies starting out is implementing efficient processes before bad habits become entrenched in their workflows,” said Goren. “Right now, because of the uncertainty, it’s hard for entrepreneurs and their packaging suppliers to know how far they need to ramp up in terms of compliance. The quicker they can be ready, the less expensive it will be and ultimately the more successful they will be“.

The seminar is aimed to attract a wide cross-section of attendees including licensed producers and members of the pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods industries, working in quality assurance, packaging, compliance, and marketing.


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