GlobalVision Introduces Verify, A New Web-Based Inspection Platform To Accelerate Asset Development

Montreal, Canada – October 5, 2020 GlobalVision today announced the release of its new product Verify, a redesigned quality inspection web application built for a faster and more integrated review process.

Reinvented Web Platform Optimized For Fast Inspections

Users can now run automated inspections through Verify’s web-based platform to ensure their work is free from unintended changes as it moves through the creation process. With a completely redesigned user experience to get your inspections done faster, Verify delivers more streamlined text inspections to catch deviations that may have been created between revisions.

Seamless Workflow Integration

The Verify platform is built to be directly integrated with your asset development process, eliminating proofreading delays by reducing the number of revisions needed for quality approval. With integration into existing workflow systems, Verify brings intuitive inspections closer to where teams approve their work, allowing users to catch deviations the moment they occur.

Verify is an exciting evolution of GlobalVision’s inspection technology. By integrating with artwork and asset management systems, we’re able to unlock new levels of value for our customers” says Mark Vesprini, Director of Product, GlobalVision.

Verify from GlobalVision is now in Beta available by invite only. To learn more about the latest release, visit or contact us for more information.

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